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Latest Works by Vijay Prashad - March 30, 2018

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Prashad at the site in Sao Paulo of the assassination of Carlos Marighella (1911-1969)
Prashad at the site in São Paulo of the assassination of Carlos Marighella (1911-1969)



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Focus on Zambia, Where Hunger Exists Besides Copper Wealth

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Chellah Tukuta Rancen
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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Johannesburg.

Zambia is a country that is not often in the news. But it should be. It is a major source of copper for the world. Indeed, its copper is sluiced out by major multinational corporations based in Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and China. What is extraordinary is that the children that grow up on the land above the copper mines suffer from an illiteracy rate of 60%. That is shameful. There needs to be scrutiny on these multinational corporations that have made it their business to drain the wealth out of Africa